Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We're going to the Olympics in London!

Well...not really...but we are starting our unit study about the Olympics.  We're using Amanda Bennett's Olympics 2012 Unit Study and the Lapbook to go along with it.  We'll also be participating in the online Facebook Co-op.  You can read more about all three here.

I had recently purchased composition notebooks for each of the children to use with our new Spelling curriculum, but when I was reading through the materials for this study, I thought I would use them as their Olympic Journal instead...until we started using them.  I love the lapbook idea and we will definitely put those together but I also, because of my personality, wanted something a little more structured for the kids to complete each day's activities.  So, without any experience, I decided I would try to put together a notebooking page of sorts and this is what I came up with (picture shows page 1 only).  You can download the complete file (4 pages) here.

We are very excited to learn all about the Ancient Olympics, London and the sports that will be played, not to mention learning about some special athletes, as well.  See you in London!!!