Sunday, January 1, 2012

Trustin' HIM

Organized Hearts, Organized Homes

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am going to be participating in a 52-week devotional online called "Create In Me A Clean Heart"..a devotional for the disorganized. In addition to the devotional, we will also be using a Declutter and Organize calendar.. Each week we will be given a challenge in addition to some daily tasks to accomplish through the group at Organized Hearts, Organized Homes, along with support and encouragement. We have the option to participate in the daily tasks as much or as little as we wish. The only requirements are the devotional and the calendar. I have decided that I'm going to participate in this devotional with my 2 daughters as I really feel that they will also be blessed by the readings and questions and perhaps in the end we'll all be better organized in our own personal spaces, too.  Most of all, though, it is my hope that all of our hearts will be changed to better glorify GOD.

The lesson for this week is about "Trustin' HIM" and after reading the bible verse for this week to reflect on along with the devotional questions, I realized that this could not have come at a more relevant time in our lives. Isn't is just absolutely wonderful when GOD speaks that clearly to you and you actually hear HIM? HE always knows EXACTLY what I need to hear, WHEN I need to hear it!

Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

Could it be any clearer than that?  TRUST.IN.THE.LORD.  Not just for the morning or when things are going well...but IN ALL OUR WAYS...every minute of every day in EVERYTHING. 

Now, certainly 2011 brought our family many circumstances that tested the depth and purity of our faith..illness for my husband, loss of our only vehicle, and a feeling of betrayal by some of those we trusted.    This week's devotional asked if there had ever been a time when someone you put your trust in disappointed you.  There's the first moment in this devotional that GOD spoke clearly to me!  Yes, human kind and those around us will disappoint us...every single day.  Betrayals and broken trust, as we may see them, real or imagined, happen all the time.  At some point in your life (and mine) someone is going to disappoint you and most likely, it will happen more than once.  The devotional reminds us, however, that there is ONE and ONLY ONE we can ever truly depend on...someone who will ALWAYS be there for us and will never disappoint who will catch us when we fall...and we will fall....our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  There is the second time that GOD tapped me on the shoulder and said "Are you listening?" "Oh, yes, GOD, I AM!!" I find that very comforting in a world filled with uncertainty at every corner.   In the midst of all the trials we endured this past year, we also faced the uncertainty of unemployment after my husband returned to work only to be let go four days later.  We could have been crushed by any one or combination of these trials, but in our hearts and mind, we knew that God was watching out for us.  We witnessed that in the people he placed in our lives and allowed to bless us with their generosity, their prayers, their support, their friendship.  Going into 2012, my husband is significantly healthier than he was in 2011 even though some medical issues remain, we have a vehicle again and job opportunities are being laid out before us...but the test of faith comes in the type of opportunities....commission-only based opportunities for my husband.  It can be unsettling to not have a steady and stable income but we have resolved ourselves to "Trustin' HIM" as HE, our GOD, is the ONLY one who can get us through it all.  We praise and thank HIM for all HE has blessed us with in our lives, the good and the bad....although when it comes to GOD, none of it is bad, is it?

WEEK 1 Challenge:  Pray every day over your list of TOP 5 Project/Goals for your Heart & Home for 2012. Submit yourself and your list to God each day. At the end of the week, make any necessary changes to your list; for the list you created for yourself may not be the list GOD has for you this year!

I pray that GOD will clearly show me where HE wants me to grow this coming year and where my goals need to be set.

Here's to new beginnings and Trustin' HIM!