Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reporting Requirements and our Testing experience

Here in New Hampshire, we have two ways that we can report our child's homeschooling progress ~ standardized testing or portfolio review. Since we are new to this and I really didn't have enough confidence in myself or my organizational skills, I chose to do standardized testing. A fellow homeschooling mom from our Church had mentioned that she used the CAT (California Achievement Test) from Christian Liberty Press. It was fairly inexpensive at $25 per student. It tests in the areas of Reading (Vocabulary and Comprehension), Mathematics (computation, concepts, problems & fractions) and Language (capitalization, punctuation, usage and structure, and spelling). I have been extremely anxious about what the testing would show for several reasons..lack of confidence in my teaching abilities and the fact that two of my children have special needs and I wasn't sure if they would test well. Well, I have completed testing with one girl and one boy so far. I have been pleasantly surprised at the results, wondering why I was even anxious in the first place. What I have come to realize is that I just need to turn it over to God and let Him be the main focus of our homeschool. He's obviously called me to homeschool my children, so why should or would I think that he wouldn't supply me with everything we need? I think perhaps this is the wake-up call I needed and believe that God is just telling me to train my children diligently and not fret over put my full trust in HIM. THAT is exactly what I plan to do!