Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thinking about Time4Learning in your homeschool?

I've been invited to try Time4Learning for one month in exchange for a candid review. My opinion will be entirely my own, so be sure to come back and read about my experience. Time4Learning is an online educational program that can be used in many ways including as a homeschooling curriculum or afterschool tutorial. Find out how to write your own curriculum review for Time4Learning.

I am especially excited to try this out since it's been a challenge finding a curriculum that truly engages one of my children diagnosed with ADHD and speech delays. Don't forget to come back and see how it worked out!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chemistry doesn't have to be intimidating

Even though I'll be receiving some used Christian Science books at the end of the month, I came across this giveaway this morning for Friendly Chemistry. My kids have been wanting to learn more about chemistry and I would love to give them this opportunity, but sometimes, you just don't have a clue where to begin. Yes, we can do simple chemistry lessons in the kitchen and I'm sure that would be fun for them, too. But this seems like such a great giveaway that I just had to enter.

Read what Freely Educate  had to say about Friendly Chemistry here.  Also, if you've been looking for ways to educate your child for free, then you MUST check out Freely Educate and subscribe to their blog.  They always have great resources!

If you have been looking for a chemistry curriculum, I encourage you to check it out and enter the giveaway, too!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Filling in the gaps

With the Christmas break behind us, we are trying to get back into a routine. It's going so-so. I took a look at some of the things we might need to add, take away or adjust and we are starting to make some changes. We've added daily independent bible reading, hymn studies and will be getting more detailed with grammar instruction. As I type, the kids are working on their AWANA checkpoints and memorizing bible verses. I've also got a pending order for used copies of Understanding God's World and Exploring God's World. That will add to our currently laid back Science studies (usually through documentaries and the Discovery Channel.) We are still picking and choosing topics on History through videos, the internet and some books. To help a bit with Geography lessons, we are currently participating in a postcard exchange with families across the United States. At some point, I'd love to get a copy of the Mystery of History curriculum, but until funds allow, we'll have to continue what we are doing.

What kinds of adjustments do you make during your homeschool year?