Friday, October 15, 2010

Moms learn, too!

I find it a little funny that the kids think they are the only ones who have to do school work or need to learn new things, but that just isn't so. When we moved, I went on a quest to find a new Church home. A Church that would be welcoming to families, welcoming to children with special needs and give opportunities for continued learning for all of us...I found that place at Merrimack Valley Baptist Church. I'm not Baptist by birth, I was actually raised Catholic. My husband is Protestant and grew up in the Baptist Church. Before we moved we actually attended a Community Church that was a plant of a Christian Reformed Church. MVBC has been wonderful, I believe, for our family. I truly believe that we were led to this Church for a reason....and here's why. They sponsor an AWANA club, which is a group that we've wanted to get the kids involved in and they are all having a wonderful time. The boys got to do some ministry at a local nursing home last Sunday. Surprisingly they were very excited about it and really understood why it was so important to go. The girls are hoping to join other girls in their group this Saturday for a hiking trip and they will also be participating in Operation Christmas Child. This Church also offers Sunday School, not only for the kids but for the adults too! Tom & I looked over their offerings and decided that we would take the "Growing Kids God's Way" course by the Ezzo's. They founded Growing Families International. This class is certainly changing how we (Tom & I) act towards each other and to the kids...certainly we're just in the beginning stages, but it's certainly one of those reasons why I feel we were led here to this Church. This weekend I will be going to Seminars for Enrichment and Encouragement. The two seminars I chose are one by a mom of 12 children (certainly if she can handle 12, I can handle 5! Perhaps she'll have some pointers I can use to help me see things in a better light LOL! The other is one on holiday entertaining and decorating. The other thing I like about this Church is that they have a specific Special Needs Ministry and a homeschool group.

So, you see kids, learning really never ends.....moms (and dads) learn, too!