Friday, September 3, 2010

On your mark, get set, GO!!!!

We've been working on setting up our new classroom area (wow, I'm still amazed that we have a dedicated "classroom" area) and the kids have all sorts of ideas, as do I!  I certainly got a lot of inspiration from  the photos that were posted by other homeschoolers on The Homeschool Channel's Facebook page.  You can visit their page at!/thehomeschoolchannel?ref=ts.  We have loaded up on books from at least 2 different libraries!  I am so thrilled that the kids love going to the library!!!  We're currently working on learning about hurricanes and tracking Hurricane Earl.  I don't think it's going to affect us much, but thought it would be useful for them to track...they are going to learn about mapping skills - latitude and longitude, how storms form, how they move, what things determine intensity and more, well hopefully.  Some other things we'll be working on is continuing our studies on Shakespeare, starting a study on WWII (I found a GREAT book that not only teaches them about WWII but has 21 activities to reinforce what it felt like to live during that era...things like extending butter (to learn about rationing", planting a victory garden and so much more.)

We've also got books on Drawing, Frogs & other animals, and Bullying.   One other thing we are learning about, and not sure this is a subject we'll be able to learn from a book, is how to respond to people who question what we are learning and why.  I'm sure this will always be a struggle, especially between homeschoolers and public schoolers.  I'm not trying to pit one group against another, but I know that it is a reality.  And for the first time, we are experiencing it.  My kids were pretty upset yesterday when some of the neighborhood kids told them it was stupid of us to be tracking Hurricane Earl since it wasn't going to hit us.  But like I said before, they are learning so much from tracking and it opens it up for us to learn about other hurricane related information.   We can also talk about Hurricane Katrina, which I still cannot believe happened 5 years ago already, and how important preparedness is and how devastating the results can be when you're not....oh the possibilities this could branch off into!!!

All in all, it's going to be a GREAT year of learning and I'm ready to get going!!!

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  1. I think you are too~ :) I also think that children in public schools have a hard time reaching and stretching beyond what they are told they have to do and assignments they "have to do". It is rare for them to explore outside the classroom. Some may, there are always exceptions and I hate to generalize but I have found the same thing. Funny thing would be is if they end up going to school today and their science class is about tracking the hurricane, which could very well happen ~ LOL wouldn't that be interesting~
    We also are going to be studying WWII and I posted some photos and a link ( I believe ) on AKOL FB page for that if you care to check it out..actually here is the link: Good luck with your new year my friend~! :)