Monday, May 10, 2010

A new home...

Well, there is a change to every season and life has no exceptions...we find ourselves looking for a new home for our family away from the town we live in now.  My husband would love to move to New Hampshire, but we are having difficulty in finding something that fits our needs, both space and budget wise.  And with a child going off to college, if we were to move out of state, it could very well affect her tuition rates as well as scholarship and grants awarded by the college...why can't anything ever be simple???

So we are looking around different towns/cities in the state we live in now and think we have leads on a couple of places...both single family (which we've NEVER lived in before) with more room.  This is a good thing because I would love to have a dedicated space for schooling to limit distractions to our work day.  We'll see how that works out. 

Not only have we been looking for a new "physical" home, I've also found a new "home" for our blog and you've obviously found it here at

Being a blogging newbie, I first tried out one blog host, but didn't care too much for the templates, so I switched to a "homeschool" blog host...they had nicer templates but I found I wasn't really updating the blog all that much (as you can see from my 9 posts over the "school year").  I came to realize that I was having difficulty figuring out how to add pictures or direct info from sites I've visited.  So tonight I decided to take a look around and research blog hosts (and look at other blogs to see who others' were using) and found Word Press.  I am impressed with the ease of adding different elements to my blog (I like things to look pretty :-)) and the variety of templates offered.  So here I am, in a new home....looking forward to really being in a new physical home :-)

May this be the start of new beginnings all around ...