Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Is it Homeschool or is it Unschool?

Well, that seems to be the question I am faced with almost daily.  As we look to wind up our first year of "homeschooling", it's time to look back and assess.  What is going right, what is not?  What do we need to change totally or just a little?  Am I using the right approach with the kids?  So many questions...just as many as I had when we first decided to become a homeschool family.  I wonder if all those questions will ever go away...will I ever feel secure that we are doing everything we possibly can?

I watched a video today featuring Astra Taylor, a young woman and film maker who was "unschooled".  I've not done much research on the subject but the idea intrigues me.  Why?  Because my children have attention issues and to have them sit for any length of time seems to be excrutiating.  It becomes a power struggle on some days.  Because if I even mention that something fun we are doing is "school", some of my kids just totally block it out and move along on to something else...So I've backed off a little and have started to let my children guide their own learning (to an extent).  If they happen to ask a question about something or express interest in a particular subject, I go searching for resources to help guide them into learning more.

I'm still undecided if this is the right route for our family to take for a few reasons...the opinions of friends, family and other members of the communities we belong to...what will THEY think for one...another is that I'm thinking it would be wise to research it more.  I tend to sometimes jump into things before thinking things through and then it just doesn't seem that any benefit comes from it.

I guess the question is how important is the "formalness" of school as opposed to the "eduaction" of my children.  Even I know that learning is never ending.....so off I go to learn about more new things