Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Feelings of Accomplishment

I'm posting this late so please note that this is our post for October 6th...

Today brought a few accomplishments and mishaps....nothing new for our family :-).  We started our day in the van....each morning we drive my husband to work (we only have one vehicle).  It's so nice to be able to hold "school" on the run!  Especially for our family who always seems to be heading this way or that!  This will definitely come in handy on those days we travel into Boston for E's medical appointments.  I always felt guilty about pulling him and/or his siblings out of school to accommodate doctor schedules.  For anyone who has ever needed to see a specialist at Children's...if you have an appointment available, you take it whenever you can get no matter what the hour of the day!  Anyways, the girls did some Bible reading while the boys worked on Math lessons.  E seems to be whipping through those pages faster than I can get them printed!  What a feeling of accomplishment that must be for him! 

At home, we decided it was time to start using up some of the apples (count them...three 1/2 bushel bags of them!) we picked a couple of weeks ago.  The consensus was apple pancakes for breakfast...R chopped apples, sliced apples and cut the pancakes into "apple" shapes with our Creative cutters...  Of course, I made up the batter, added the chopped apples and had it sitting on the counter by the sink...can you guess what happened next???  Yup, that's right....3/4 of the bowl of batter into the sink and down the drain (well the batter part anyway...not the tiny little pieces of chopped up apples!.  So a lesson in careful attention in the kitchen was taught...patience, no need to fight for a stool, no need to fight for the spatula to turn the pancakes which was S's job today.  It was wonderful to see her excitement in helping to cook breakfast...teaching her the patience of waiting for the right amount of bubbles before turning...Each pancake came out perfectly golden!

We worked on more math after breakfast, some computer games (strategy building) and before we knew it it was time to pick up K and then head to Haven, a Christian after-school program.  Yesterday was the boys' day....learning more Bible Scripture.  A quick ride to pick up Dad at work, then off to Cub Scouts where they completed TWO achievements towards their Wolf Badge and an Elective!  WOW....

As a mom and a teacher, I can only pray that we have the blessings of many achievements this year!  And how rewarding and special it will be for not only the children, but myself to see it all unfold right before my eyes!

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